Some of my favorite girls all photographed by Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin


well it’s not hard to be nice to fans when you have like 3 lol




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sounds like some serious final boss music

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Patchwork quilt!! It’s probably impossible to maintain but!!!! Pretty colours!!!!

thanks, yeah it looks so cool! i feel like it’d probably last about a week, but it would be an amazing week

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—Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

 #so you define true love in st. denis as dying for love and HOLDING HANDS FOR ETERNITY #FORESHADOW MUCH YOU FRENCH BASTARD

porthoses said:

RAINBOWS. and maybe layers? whatever you get, i’m sure you look presh as always <3

ahhh thank you! rainbow colours would actually be so cool, i might do that - i’m gonna try to find a hairdressers soon, so i’ll see what they can do for me :D


Rumours Tour, 1977.

oh no, lynda bellingham…. i read she wanted to see one final christmas, this is so sad. r.i.p lynda

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